guy lefebvre young artist

Guy LeFebvre was born and raised in West Springfield Massachusetts and is a self-taught painter, wood carver and photographer. Guy’s medium is predominately oil on canvas. Guy’s subject matter primarily comes from his photography, both above and below the water, and has developed his own unique style in rendering his photos into paintings both realistic, abstract and imaginative. Guy currently lives and works in Saint Cloud, Florida.

Guy LeFebvre: Inspiration

Back in the 1970’s, my first creative outlet was painting wildlife and landscapes. I began SCUBA diving in my early-teens and then in my twenties, realized I could capture oceanic beauty on film. I then developed a deep love of exploring the ocean and documenting its inhabitants-from hopping into a cage to film blue sharks, to diving to take pictures of everything I could.

Yet photographing marine life soon wasn’t enough. What a photograph captures-the raw beauty of the ocean-can be rendered even more expressively, on the canvas. I returned to oil painting to express both the joys and fears that arose from decades of SCUBA diving. Underwater creatures are beautiful and majestic, but their beauty is fleeting, in our increasingly delicate ecosystem.

In my body of work, you’ll see whales threatened by habitat loss and toxic waters, manatees scarred from boats, sea turtles that have been poached for their meat and shells and sharks that are certain to become endangered due to shark fin hunting. These animals’ delicate habitats have been destroyed by unregulated tourism, marine debris and their nesting sites lost due to beach erosion. I don’t pretend that my paintings will change the world, but I do hope to raise awareness about the fragility and risks humans pose when acting before thinking.

Guy LeFebvre Blue Water Art

“As a scuba diver and photographer, both above and below the water, I am blessed with a constant source of inspiration to create these beautiful paintings. I try to capture moments of the marine environment and the essence of being there in realistic, abstract and imaginative forms.

My realistic painting capture the presence of that particular animal, their sheer beauty and soul. In other paintings, I try to capture how the marine environment makes me feel. They are how I perceive my subject matter and how being underwater can be a magical world. It’s been a life long dream for me to render my photography experiences, both above and below the water, into painting. It;s been a fantastic journey, which I hope to keep doing for the rest of my life.” — Guy LeFebvre

What can you do?

Stop. Read. Educate yourself and others. If you’re moved to do so, donate to one or more of the many organizations dedicated to protecting these creatures and keeping this planet blue and populated.

Sea Turtle Conservancy
Save the Manatee
Shark Protection and Preservation Society
World Wildlife Fund

Juried Art Festival Participation 2014 – 2016

Melbourne Spring Art Festival
Halifax Art Festival
Space Coast Art Festival
St. Johns River Festival of the Arts – Patrons Award
Leesburg Art Festival
Old Florida Celebration of the Arts – Cedar Key
Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts
Winter Springs Festival of the Arts